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Except the Sunday Box, who should I pay?

The application is completely free, regardless of the number of users within the same family. On the other hand, if you want your Sunday Box to work with 3G, you need a monthly subscription from an operator.

What if I do not have WiFi?

The Sunday Box does need an internet connection to receive new photos and videos. You do not have to have a boxing Wifi. The telephone operators offer 3 / 4G box, which allow Sunday to work perfectly 🙂

What can I send on the Sunday Box?

Love ! You can send love through photos, videos, or “sweet-words”. Now you have to be creative 🙂

Can I send photos and videos to several Sunday Boxes?

Yes ! Simply tick in your Sunday mobile application the Sunday Box to whom you want to send the photo or video, and it will be automatically shared!

I feel that my mobile app is not working properly

Weird … you can send an email to [email protected] We will respond as soon as possible !

Can I send photos and videos around the world?

Obviously! It is even the origin of the project. When Nelly Meunier, our CEO, has the idea of Sunday, it’s because she was in New York, her sister was in China and her brother in London. All three could no longer give news to their grandmother, bedridden in retirement home. It is thanks to this solution that they have been able to remedy the problem! So yes, travel and share all your adventures with your loved ones, you will have so many stories to tell them when you come back, believe us!

How to plug my Sunday Box ?

First, read the user guide that comes with your Sunday Box, check that all connections are done. If the issue persists, contact us on [email protected] stating your problem, or so .. it’s an opportunity to call your loved ones!

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