Sunday, a family story

A family story

Sunday is a day when we like to chill with our family,
sharing memories and good times around a good meal.

Once upon a time, Sunday, a family story under the sun of a spring Sunday, a day filled with love, good times, simple moments shared. Nelly lived in New York, her brother in London and her sister in China. They wanted at all costs to feel close to all their family and friends. So, Nelly and Pierre have decided to tinker with a small box connected to the TV which diffused all their photos shared from any place of the world.

Their grandparents, friends, cousins, brothers … were so happy to enjoy their moments! that’s how Sunday was born. We take advantage of life, because nothing is worth bursts of joy, moments of tenderness, emotions of life. Live this experience that will remain in your minds and in those who matter most to you.

Family is life

For Nelly, Yoann and Pierre, the fundamental values
of love and family are at the heart of Sunday.

Nelly and Pierre were soon joined by Yoann, friends of high school and son of a geriatric family. An explosive team that shares the same vision: technology can solve many social and societal issues.

So, after meeting healthcare team who joined the project, the founders develop Sunday and deploy it to health facilities to strengthen family and intergenerational ties. In October 2018, they launched the Sunday Box with the general public.


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