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Whether you are at the other side of the Earth or across the street, 🌍 Send photos and videos to your loved ones has never been easier. 📾

Take photos and videos with the Sunday app and send them in real time to your loved ones’ TV – it’s easy! 🌞

Fonctionnalités Sunday

User Guide

There are 3 ingredients to share love and hapinness with your loved ones through Sunday:

  • The Sunday App
  • The Sunday Box to plug on TV
  • The Sunday Remote with a pretty design
Télécommande Sunday


Connect the Sunday Box to your Tribe Chief’s TV with the Sunday Remote and go!


By pressing the heart of the Sunday Remote, your Tribe Leader can like his favorite photos


As soon as your tribal leader has liked, you will also receive a heart on your Sunday App!


As soon as your loved ones receive a photo or a video, the heart of the Sunday Remote lights up

Sunday in details

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Sunday Box

Sunday Box

The Sunday Box plugs into the TV of the Tribe Leader.
The installation is very simple: just follow the instructions on the screen and your Sunday Box is connected to an Internet box or Ethernet access.

Sunday Remote

Sunday Remote

Ergonomic and design, its heart lights up when a new message shows up on the TV. Ones can "like" his favorite photos. 🌟

Sunday App

Sunday App

Downloadable for free in stores, the Sunday App allows: to create your Tribe, to invite your family, to share photos and videos 🎬 with members in the App, and especially to send them on your Tribal Leader'TV!

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